Episode 237: Why Traders Are Seduced by “The Worst Trading Strategy in the World”

by robbooker on March 17, 2014


Episode 237 begins with an idea… Jason the producer suggests some sort of prize give-away for those who call The Traders Podcast and leave us a voice mail at (801) 382-8789 with some sort of short, trading-related story. Next we read a question from fxoutlier, who asks about the status of Duane the Meticulous Trader. Then we read a comment from Nate, who asked about, what Rob calls, “The Worst Trading Strategy in the World.” And Rob also explains why traders are so easily drawn to such a strategy. Next we read a comment from our friend, Scott, about maintaining confidence even while at a loss. Then we get an e-mail from Kaine who’s sick of being told about being a losing trader. Then we read a comment from Anthony, who has an idea for the next Traders Expo. Then we hear from Cole, who talks about his long-term trading strategy. We think you’ll enjoy this episode. Call and leave us a voice mail! Thanks for listening!

Check out Rob’s video about his Trifecta Trading System for day trading

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