Episode 228: When You’re Trading for the Long Term

by robbooker on February 12, 2014


Episode 228 of The Traders Podcast begins with your host Rob Booker following up on what happened with his attempt to purchase bitcoin earlier this week. Next Rob talks about how in 2014 he has switched to trading for the bigger trends and the bigger moves. Rob is now going for much longer term trades, working from the four-hour charts.

To illustrate Rob’s philosophies on long-term trading, he tells a true story about his friend, Matt, who wanted a two-seater, Mercedes coupe (circa the year 2000) but only wanted to pay a certain price for it… This story leads into a follow-up story about how Matt’s experience influenced Rob’s actions when he found himself in a comparable situation. So, if you’ve been considering trading for the long term, Rob gives you some tips in Episode 228. Don’t miss it! Thanks for listening.

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