Episode 226: Sea-Monkeys or: How Hard It Is to Run a Company Like Microsoft

by robbooker on February 5, 2014


Hi, and welcome to Episode 226 of The Traders Podcast, where your host Rob Booker teaches by using unusual topics like “Sea-Monkeys.” Actually, Rob’s discussion today is about Sea-Monkeys and how hard it is to run a company like Microsoft. The connection is clear… So, after entertaining us with his thoughts about the mysterious novelty pets, Rob discusses how Microsoft went on a gigantic search for a new CEO and recently appointed Satya Nadella.

Rob talks about how this kind of high-profile CEO search often results in disappointment, and he explains how this occurs (using Sea-Monkeys). And of course, Rob does one of the things he does best — he makes this conversation applicable to your own trading. Be sure to listen!

Rob’s book recommendation: Good to Great by Jim Collins

Post-episode Sea-Monkey addenda from Jason the producer: According to Wikipedia, Sea-Monkeys are in fact brine shrimp. Here is a very interesting excerpt from the Wiki article: “The astronaut John Glenn took Sea-Monkeys into space on October 29, 1998 aboard Space Shuttle Discovery during mission STS-95. After nine days in space, they were returned to Earth, and hatched eight weeks later apparently unaffected by their travels.

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