Episode 179: A Conversation From The Cigar Shop With Matt LaCoco and Shonn Campbell

by robbooker on August 26, 2013


In Episode 179, we bring you a little treat that’s a change of pace… Your host Rob Booker loves to hear what our fellow trading friends are thinking about — especially when those friends are Matt LaCoco and Shonn Campbell. Naturally, Rob sent them a digital audio recorder to capture their conversations about trading. … Naturally.

So, what you’re about to hear is a 20-minute excerpt of what was originally a 70-minute conversation between Shonn and Matt as they hang out at The Cigar Shop. This episode is a lot of fun, but it takes a little bit of concentration to listen to because there’s a great deal of ambient noise in the background, including a fountain and other people’s voices. But we sometimes like to capture the raw conversations that traders have “out in the field.”

Matt and Shonn discuss a number of topics, including the pitfalls of investing too much time and effort into trading; adding to — and over-complicating — your charts; why the “Great Bear of Wall Street” himself, Jesse Livermore, wasn’t a big deal after all; an unhealthy fascination with the machismo method for making money; several “don’ts” that are indicative ways to tell if you’ve already lost; why it’s difficult to trade strictly from indicators and the idea that perhaps planning out a trade on indicators isn’t really planning a trade at all; and if you can believe this — Matt and Shonn also cover some ground that we’ve probably never talked about on The Traders Podcast before: the secret to training your kids to be good traders.

Don’t miss it — this fun episode is worth your time. Thanks, Shonn and Matt!

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