Episode 175: Steven Cohen, SAC Capital and the Possible Return of The Honest Man

by robbooker on August 12, 2013


Episode 175 is a classic Traders Podcast episode… First you’ve got your host, Rob Booker, riffing on the newsworthy Steven A. Cohen and his giant hedge fund, which is now under indictment. Rob muses about whether SAC Capital cheated, and he underscores the Federal Government’s ingenious money management technique… All this naughtiness inspires Rob to ask whether there will be a “Return of The Honest Man,” and whether you’d cheat to profit financially (if you were sure of not getting caught). And as it naturally would, this train of thought leads Rob into a discussion of steroid use in Major League Baseball.

Next Rob addresses a listener e-mail from Brian about focusing on what’s important first and prioritizing your day of trading. And all of this begins with Rob and Jason coming clean about what the heck happened with the comment backlog on The Traders Podcast Web site. Thank you for listening — enjoy!

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