Episode 164: Movement Is Life

by robbooker on July 3, 2013


Episode 164 opens with your host, Rob Booker, and the producer, Jason Pyles, talking with Jared Johnson (the founder and lead trader at Day Traders FX.com) about summer movies — and in particular — Brad Pitt’s “World War Z.” And as you might expect, this conversation leads into an analogous chat about trading and whether “movement is life,” as is suggested in “World War Z.”

The main event in this episode is when Rob and Jared both choose to tell a story about a recent trade they took. Rob, who is a self-proclaimed divergence trader, aims to explain why divergence doesn’t work, and why it should usually be avoided. But somehow, Rob’s story spirals out of control and becomes some bizarre alternate ending to the Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts film, “Notting Hill.” Then Jared regales us with a tale of Aussie Dollar trading, and Rob asks him to define “an early exit.” Good stuff. Don’t miss it!

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