Episode 152: Never Ever Ask Anyone for Advice Again

by robbooker on May 22, 2013


In this very candid episode of The Traders Podcast, Rob says he feels like he’s in a perpetually bad mood. Jason suggests that it might be a so-called “funk,” which leads Rob to enumerate the things that are bothering him. So, Rob opens with a pretty amusing rant on the unpleasantness of Arizona’s climate in the summertime. That’s the first thing that’s been bothering Rob.

And for the second thing that’s troubling our host, an exasperated Rob also discusses (anonymously) a trader that he corresponds with who refuses to write a trading plan, despite his persistent recommendation to do so. Through this experience Rob realizes that he’s tired of giving advice, and he floats a new theory that maybe we simply shouldn’t seek the advice of others. Rob suggests that perhaps we should just do what we want to do, and learn from our own mistakes.

Also in Episode 152, Rob observes that the one trait of ours that people tend to complain about the most is probably the one thing we should have been doing all along. Rob talks about the concept of being a leader by setting out and embarking on your own adventure and “learning on the job.” You’ll hear Rob in rare form during this episode of The Traders Podcast.

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