Episode 145: The Guy Who Lived Out of a Van and Traded

by robbooker on April 29, 2013


In this very special episode of The Traders Podcast, you’ll hear your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried having lunch with Ryan — a real-deal trader from the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. This very casual and natural conversation is indicative of the chats that Rob and Brad have enjoyed during their Trade-for-a-Living Tour.

Ryan shares the story of his first exposure to the magic of currency trading, and he candidly talks about the early days of his trading career, which began in October 2008. Ryan recounts some of the financial bumps and bruises that went along with a new trader’s learning curve. He discusses hedging and how he came to know that it was the right way for him to trade. Ryan also talks about how he used to live out of a van for four years — while trading! It’s all good stuff that you won’t want to miss!

Note to listeners: There’s a great deal of ambient noise during this lunchtime interview, so you’ll hear other people, helicopters, jets, cars, trucks and wind! But in the midst of the background chaos, you’ll also catch a pretty hilarious, female bystander who adds a provocative contribution to the podcast — as well as a man who sounds like he gets injured nearby. These little audio nuggets occur after Rob and Brad’s humorous riff on the historical significance of the Donchian channel.

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