Episode 128: Employing ESP, Remote Viewing and the Intuitive Mind in Trading

by robbooker on February 27, 2013


In this very unusual episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker interviews Greg Kolodziejzyk (aka Greg K.), who wrote a research paper about a 13-year study that he conducted, which was recently published in The Journal of Parapsychology, where he explored the role of intuition in trading. Rob and Greg talk about the two components of intuition, the phenomenon of ESP (extra-sensory perception), and they delve into an exploration of a controversial technique known as “remote viewing.”

Rob asks if the analytical mind gets in the way of the intuitive mind’s natural ability to make good decisions. And Greg talks about combining something that’s intuitive with something that’s chart-based or technical-based. In Episode 128, you’ll also hear Rob comment on a book called Opening to the Infinite. And if you’re a skeptic who’s wondering whether you should skip such an outlandish episode, you might want to hear Greg reveal the profits that he generated over this 13-year period of trading with the intuitive mind. Oh, and stick around after this episode for some casual BONUS conversation about this intriguing subject. Thanks for listening!

Links for this episode:

Greg’s Web site: Remote-Viewing.com

Book: Opening to the Infinite by Stephan A. Schwartz

Starting in March 2013, look for Greg’s interview on Tim Bourquin’s Trader Interviews.com


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