Episode 122: There’ll Be Time Enough for Countin’ When the Dealing’s Done

by robbooker on February 6, 2013


Here is another action-packed episode of The Traders Podcast that amounts to a hodgepodge of ideas and information about trading, with a central theme surrounding live trading on the short-term charts. Your host Rob Booker begins by addressing an e-mail from Scott, who responds to our Conflict Avoidance Episode 119. This leads to more conversation about job interview techniques and an outrageous story about Rob’s criminal law instructor — Professor Diamond. Rob also discusses how becoming preoccupied and distracted by thoughts of money, instead of the matter at hand can be very detrimental to your trading career.

The second half of this show gives you a rare look into Rob’s personal trading approach and struggles. Jason interviews Rob about his own trading, which leads to discussions about knowing when you’re finished trading for the day and the importance of being able to remain consistent in your trading. Oh, and Rob also tells a story from his old, baseball glory days when he played second base. Don’t miss it!

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