Episode 120: When You Realize the Market Does Not Love You

by robbooker on January 30, 2013


It’s time for another mail bag episode of The Traders Podcast! And the first e-mail we read levels some accusations toward an alleged, not-very-environmentally-conscious Rob Booker… We also read an e-mail inquiring about Facebook in 2013, which triggers Rob to give some updates on Google and Apple.

Chuck asks about a previous episode on back-testing. Another listener asks about the episode where Hubert Senters says, “I’ve got rules in place so that I protect myself from myself.” Our friend CJ writes about how he loves trading, but the market doesn’t love him back. Does the market hate you? Rob expounds on this phenomenon, as well as a number of other random questions, such as: Does one have to be cheating in order to be profitable as a hedge fund? Or is there a massive conspiracy where the pharmaceutical industry is pushing Ritalin on six-year-olds? All this and more during this episode of The Traders Podcast!

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