Episode 119: Conflict Avoidance

by robbooker on January 28, 2013


During this episode, you’ll hear your host Rob Booker talking with the producer about conflict avoidance. Rob begins by comparing and contrasting styles of dealing with conflict as represented in the HBO television show “Girls” and the Showtime television series “House of Lies.” This comparison leads Rob to observe that not closing losing trades and avoiding conflict tend to go hand in hand.

Rob and Jason also discuss how becoming conflict-driven can help your trading (and your life), and it can assist you in learning to pounce on opportunities when they occur. Rob talks about how one can improve as a trader by saying exactly what’s on one’s mind. Rob discusses how these principles might apply to job-interviewing techniques, for instance, and Rob tells a fascinating story about a job interview that he once had with a company was so successful that he unintentionally caused a stir within the company. So, if you want to be more explicit in expressing what you want out of life and out of your trading career, then listen to Episode 119.

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